KATM Weekly Price Indicators for Bulk Physical Commodities

31 July 2017

As reported in our previous analysis; Prime Hard Coking Coal price became stronger and is around 190 US$/MT CFR IND. We have observed Iron ore pellet and Steel prices shown rise this week also.

KATM’s indicative price listed below for various bulk commodities listed on our platform during preceding week:

Iron Ore Pellets (64%Fe)                    :   86.6 US$/MT FOB IND

HMS (80:20) Scrap                            :  275 US$/MT CFR IND

Prime Hard Coking Coal (Low Vol.)   : 190 US$/MT CFR IND

Thermal Coal (RB1 6000 NAR)                   :   91 US$/MT CFR IND

Thermal Coal (5500 NAR)                  :   82 US$/MT CFR IND

Thermal Coal (4800 NAR)                  :   67.5 US$/MT CFR IND

Limestone (40-80 mm)                      :   19 US$/MT CFR IND

As per our last week’s estimation Ingot has moved to 29000 and it is finding resistance. The next probable scenario is 29500 to 30000. Iron ore is still to touch $70 and hope it touches 70. Australian Premium HCC coal price looks steady and it could be seen around $200.

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