CIL May coal production falls short of target

11 june 2018

Coal India Ltd increased production by 15.7% YoY for the month of May 2018 to 47.1 million tonnes (92% of monthly target). This brings the total production for the period of Apr18-May18 to 91.99 million tonnes, an increase of 16.2% YoY (94% of production target).

Offtake also rose 14% YoY for May 2018 to reach 52.86 million tonnes (91% of offtake target). Thus, offtake for Apr18-May18 stood at 103.8 million tonnes, an increase of 13.4% YoY (90% of offtake target).

The management of CIL had cited that the unavailability of rakes to transport coal was a key impediment to increasing offtake.


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