Vostochny Port coal export up by 9pct YoY in 8M’2018


AO Vostochny Port, operator of Russia’s largest dedicated coal port (run by Port Management Company, PMC LLC) says it handled 16.6 million tonnes of export coal in January-August 2018, up 9%, YoY (vs 15.2 million tonnes of coal handed in 8M’17). According to company, it is an absolute record achieved throughout its history. Between January and August 2018, Vostochny Port unloaded 218,500 open-top railcars with innovative railcars (railcars of increased capacity) accounting for 59% (up 18 percent points). As compared with 210,000 open-top railcars handled in January-August 2017 this result grew by 4%. In August 2018 the company handled 28,000 open-top railcars (+14%, YoY).

In the reporting period, the company loaded 397 dry bulk cargo carriers of different capacity including 134 Panamax ships (34%) and 36 Capesize ships (9%). In 8M’17 the company handled 30 Capesize ships (8%).

In the reporting period, the company exported coal to S. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India, China, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. Most of coal was dispatched to S. Korea (34%).

Vgrangel, Primorsky Territory based Vostochny Port is Russia’s largest dedicated open access coal port using covered stations for unloading and transfer of coal, conveyor equipment, rotary car dumpers, shiploaders and the second-to-none system of multi-stage magnetic coal separation. The port handles coal mined and exported by Russian coal companies. In 2017 coal throughput at the terminal reached 23.2 million tonnes, a fifth of all coal exports from Russia’s seaports and about 30% of coal transshipment in the ports of the Far Eastern Basin.

Meanwhile, AO Vostochny Port is a free access terminal, open to all coal producers. The enterprise’s main objective is the increase in coal throughput and the best quality of cargo handling services: ensuring an uninterrupted supply chain and loading the commodity to the most efficient types of vessels for the formation of new supply routes.


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