Indian Railways revenue rises 8.6% in December 2018


Passenger traffic of Railways moves up 3.1% to 702.17 million in December 2018

The Indian Railway (IR) has recorded 8.6% growth in its overall revenues to Rs 16205.76 crore in December 2018 over December 2017. The IR revenues had moved up 9.0% to Rs 14927.27 crore in December 2017.

The passenger earnings increased 8.4% to Rs 4236.72 crore in December 2018, against 2.7% growth recorded in December 2017.

The earnings from freight traffic, accounting for 69.6% of the total revenue, surged 8.7% to Rs 11272.31 crore in December 2018.

The other coaching revenue rose 7.4% to Rs 417.53 crore, while the revenue from sundry activities moved up 8.8% to Rs 279.20 crore in December 2018.

In April-December FY2019, the revenue earnings of IR improved 8.5% to Rs 135699.74 crore, showing acceleration from 5.3% rise recorded in April-December FY2018. The IR revenues have been marginally below the budget target of Rs 140842.33 crore for the above mentioned period.

The goods revenue moved up 10.4% to Rs 91317.96 crore, while the passenger revenue increased 5.4% to Rs 38069.83 crore. The other coaching revenue increased 3.8% to Rs 3538.63 crore, while the sundry earnings rose 0.3% to Rs 2773.32 crore in April-December FY2019.

Passenger traffic

The passenger traffic of IR moved up 3.1% to 702.17 million in December 2018. Passenger traffic rose 2.0% to 6350.49 million in April-December FY2019. The passenger traffic is above than the budget estimate of 6239.56 million for April-December FY2019.


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