About Us

KATM is India’s first online bulk commodity trading e-commerce platform. It is an indispensable tool and can help in efficient decision making while trading and bring higher profitability and transparency to trade practices.

KATM is a unique virtual marketplace for buyer, seller & trader of bulk commodities to easily perform coal  auction and trade,iron ore  auction and trade,steel  auction and trade, scrap auction and trade, pellet auction and trade, other raw material auction and trade. KATM is working with the top importers of bulk commodities in India and the exporter of bulk commodities in India. We aim to simplify buying and selling of bulk commodities mentioned earlier and also the Ferro alloys like Ferro Chrome , Ferro Manganese , Silicon Manganese, Ferro Silicon .
Our users consists of the best bulk commodity suppliers and buyers in India. In addition we also facilitate Metals selling andnMetals buying, which included Finished and Semi Finished Steel and other metals.
We are Specialized In

  •   Bulk Commodity Auction : i-Auction

  •   Bulk Commodity Trade : i-Trade

  •  Commodity News Analysis.

  •  Industry Research.

  •  Events.

1. Bulk Commodity i-Auction.

Our Commodity i-Auction Service is one of the most advance way for the clients to conduct techno-commercial Auctions, and allows other users to place a bid on commodity auctions and get/receive reasonable price. i-Auction helps the clients to place bid online from anywhere across the globe. 

2. Bulk Commodity i-Trade.

Bulk Commodity i-Trade is the most effective  and easiest way of buying and selling .No effort is required sellers can easily upload the information to our website where buyers can easily bid against those products and negotiate anonymously with the seller. Steel trading, Coal trading, Iron ore trading, metal trading , BAUXITE trading, Limestone trading pellet trading & many more type of commodities trading are possible by just a click from anywhere around the world.

3. News Analysis.

Commodity News Analysis department publishes latest news about commodity trade and Industries related to them. Helps the decision makers receive important happenings related to their industry and commodities and in turn take more informed decisions.

4. Industry Research.

Our Commodity and Industry research
 includes overviews, key issues, trends and the industry’s outlook. Our experienced team extensively reviews the commodity trades and other business reports which helps comprehending commodity markettrends. In turn helping to produce detailed sector specific research uncovering latest market intelligence & commodity marketanalysis that’s distinct from the competition.


We organize events to highlight the various issue being faced by the Industry, and bring Policymakers and Business owners together to interact on the same platform.