UltraTech Cement joins EP100, commits to doubling energy productivity


On 11th September, 2018, UltraTech Cement announced its decision to join EP100, thereby committing to double its energy productivity. The company has set a target to lower its carbon intensity by 25 per cent by 2021, as notified in a press release. Thus, this decision reestablishes their commitment toward making considerable improvements in energy productivity, thereby paving the way for sustainable business growth.

Being one of the leading producers of cement in the world, UltraTech Cement Ltd. has a massive scale of operations across India, UAE, Bahrain, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The company follows the principle of ‘Future Proofing’, and has invested substantial capital on energy saving measures. The key areas targeted by the company include waste heat recovery systems and renewable energy projects. The company is investing heavily to increase solar power generation for captive use. They have also invested in energy efficiency technologies like cooler upgradation, calciner modification, voltage variable frequency drive (VVFD) and burner modification to improve energy productivity.

The EP100 is a cluster of energy-smart companies and is founded by The Climate Group. They seek to incorporate energy efficiency into business strategy. The tech-driven and highly competitive companies that comprise the EP100 are committed to reducing carbon emissions. They are focused on generating green growth, lowering costs by owning and operating energy-smart buildings, reducing waste and doubling the economic output for every unit of energy consumed.


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